Monthly Archives: September 2005


In a comment on a pro-REST, anti-SOA post, this gem;

REST has the potential to transform and simplify data exchange using many of the same idioms that have been maturing with the Web for 11 years. In my opinion, SOAP has the potential to…keep us shackled to outdated architectural ideas.


Thanks, Rogers

My wife got a Blackberry from work a few weeks ago, so, no longer needing her existing mobile phone, I called our carrier, Rogers to cancel it, which was handled promptly and without comment by Rogers, except to ask why we were leaving (expected, of course). Fast forward to last Friday, when I receive a bill with a surprise C$200 charge due to “Early contract termination”. Ouch!

First thing this morning, I’m on the phone to them. As I’m waiting for a service rep, I’m contemplating various plans of attack for what will surely be an awkward-at-best conversation. The rep picks up a minute or two later, asks about the problem to which I provide a brief synopsis of the situation. I did sign a contract, which had almost another year left, but when I informed her that nobody mentioned a cancellation charge at the time I cancelled – and without skipping a beat – she responds “I apologize Mr. Baker – we’ll refund that right away”!

Gosh, that was unexpected, but very welcome. Thanks, Rogers.

Systinet swarming

After at least one aborted attempt, Radovan and I were finally able to get together for drinks. We met up at one of my old hang outs, Gordon Biersch in Palo Alto. He even brought along a couple of other Systinet management types; Wendell Lansford and Roman Stanek. I think Roman set a record for most times asking the waitress for a few more minutes with the menu (4?); a sure sign that we were all fully engaged in conversation and beer.

Thanks for the drinks, guys!