Web services on the defensive

By | 2005/10/11

It’s about time.

Web services were under attack (principled, of course) at today’s TAG call. Better late than never, I suppose…

Roy: The situation I run into is that if they don't solve the problem,
we shouldn't recommend a technology. ... WSaddressing may not be useful.


<Roy> what I said was that the WSA folks are roughly the same as the WSDL
folks and the WS* folks in general, and we have regularly described problems
with WS that need to be resolved in order to fit in with the Web, and they have
regularly refused to do so in a meaningful way. At some point, we have to say
that this technology should not be recommended to W3C members.

(emphasis mine)


<Roy> I don't find any technology that doesn't use the Web to be a useful product of the W3C.


<noah> Though, to be fair, the work required to process such a header would be a
structural change to most deployed SOAP software.
<DanC> so... the folks who made up that software dug that hole. they can dig
themselves out, no?

It’s a real shame. This would all just go away if only Web services advocates realized that the Web provides what they need for distributed, document oriented computing. You wonder why Dan, Tim, and Roy (and maybe Henry – I don’t know him very well) are pushing as they are? It’s because they understand that the Web is necessary, and that after you slash away all that makes the Web the Web, what’s left isn’t anything of any particular value to anyone, protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.

I’m not holding my breath that anything other than a toothless compromise will result from this exchange, but still, it’s nice to see the pushback; misery loves company, as they say 8-)

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