After 4 years on Blosxom (thanks Rael!), I decided I needed something a little more user friendly, so I switched to WordPress tonight. I had a few issues, most of which were resolved without much effort, but a couple weird ones required workarounds rather than clean fixes. If you have any problems, please let me know. Oh, and I switched to Atom (1.0) only too – or at least that’s the only feed I advertise.

And did I mention the comments?


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  1. Can you post your wp-atom.php file? I can’t find one that works reliably.

  2. Sure. I used this one

  3. Lucas Gonze

    How did you convert your archives, Mark?

  4. I just exported all my posts via RSS 2.0 from Blosxom, and imported that to WordPress. Then I set WordPress to use basically the same permalink structure as I used in Blosxom – the only difference being that my Blosxom permalinks used fragids, but those can be ignored (i.e. /blog/2005/01/01#foo still takes you to /blog/2005/01/01 in WordPress, where you’ll find what you’re looking for).

    The only tricky part was that I had to break up the RSS feed into 200K sized chunks that WordPress could handle. Not sure what that’s about.

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