After 4 years on Blosxom (thanks Rael!), I decided I needed something a little more user friendly, so I switched to WordPress tonight. I had a few issues, most of which were resolved without much effort, but a couple weird ones required workarounds rather than clean fixes. If you have any problems, please let me know. Oh, and I switched to Atom (1.0) only too – or at least that’s the only feed I advertise.

And did I mention the comments?

Phil Wolff critiques my resumé, and apparently likes what he sees. Thanks, Phil. How nice is that? Of course, I promptly patched it in response to the two very valid nits he had.

The job hunt is going well, actually. It started slowly, but is picking up steam. Just received an offer out of the blue from a local company, and it could be really good (Semantic Web, “Web services” (cough), collaboration, etc..), but I want to do some due diligence on them first, as I don’t know a lot about them as a going concern. Amazon has an evangelist position that sounds like it would be a blast, but I’ve got to check that the travel wouldn’t be too brutal. Been there, done that, got the miles.