I made a comment on Pete Lacey’s latest in the “RIA” discussion that I wanted to reiterate here;

how is that different than the bad old days when a site was developed for one particular browser?

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  1. Asbjørn Ulsberg

    s/best/only viewable in. I doubt that any Apollo applications will be viewable in anything but Adobe’s proprietary “browser”. Add to that the fact that they won’t be hypertext or hyperlink enabled either, and will in most cases be completely ridden with semantic meaning, so they won’t be indexable either. So this is actually worse than “the bad old days”, at least from a web, accessibility and usability viewpoint.

  2. Right you are. Ack! Hopefully the Apollo tools help the author to provide a fallback to Web standards mode, but somehow I doubt they do.

    Are you sure about the lack of hyperlinking? I find it hard to believe that Macromedia didn’t learn their lesson with Flash … though perhaps Apollo was developed by non-Macromedia folks who hadn’t yet learned that lesson. *shrug*

  3. Em, apollo is a language and some libraries. These libraries include, even *feature*, the manipulation of web resources.

    So right you aren’t.

  4. Asbjørn Ulsberg

    It’s not about Apollo accessing web resources, it’s about web resources accessing, hyperlinking, indexing and syndicating Apollo applications.

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