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Firefox 3 Beta 2: get it

If you’re a Firefox user (or any browser user for that matter), run, don’t walk, to download the latest Firefox 3 Beta. Damn, this thing is lean and mean. I’ve got my usual 40-50 tabs open right now and it’s consuming about one third to one quarter of the memory FF2 did on WinXP. Plus tab and new window creation is instantaneous, even after many hours of use. There’s some subtle chrome improvements too, including little things like smooth-scrolling tabs that prevent me from getting lost when I’ve got more than about 10 tabs per window; very useful for Wiki-despamming or reading developer documentation.




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  1. Ryan Tomayko 08/01/31

    You might want to try a recent Beta 3 nightly. They’ve incorporated some of the heavier platform-specific UI changes:


    I’ve been running against trunk for about a month now — updating every two-three days — and stability has been quite good. I’ve had to roll back to a previous release only once and any crash reports should help the devs on trunk.

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