So while at the Web Services Architecture WG face-to-face, I was chatting with an unnamed attendee about the eventual “Judgement Day” for Web services; the day when the TAG, and/or TimBL will decide whether or not Web services have anything to do with the Web. This person, who is very likable and definitely well respected in the Web services space, said that if Web services get kicked out of the W3C, their company would leave the W3C.

Hello?! Wouldn’t you think that a more reasonable response would be something like “Well, I suppose we’d have to navel gaze for a while and understand what this means. I mean, the Web is a good thing, right? And if we’re doing things that don’t respect or reuse the principles that made it work so well, we should fix that I think.” Wishful thinking, I know. Sigh.


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