Monthly Archives: September 2003

RDF Forms

I’m pleased to announce the release of the first draft of RDF Forms. This is the first usable specification to emerge from some ideas that have been floating around in my head for a couple of years (in various guises). It looks brain-dead simple now, so I think (hope?!) that means that I probably got… Read More »


Greg’s asking for comments on the using a feed URI scheme to identify a subscription action for the feed, e.g. “feed://”. I think we can do better. Here’s two big reasons why I don’t like this proposal; “Clicking” on a URI should always be safe, and provide information about the identified resource, not take an… Read More »

Early April fools

I saw a BEA press release the other day, and was feeling a bit cheeky tonight, so I threw this together. April is just too far away. 8-) Press Release BEA embraces the Web for integration Friday April 1, 2005 6:00 am ET Regrets role in Web services. Vows to get down to business to… Read More »

Bill de hOra on documents and interfaces

Sean points to an old (June) post by Bill on Foundations for component and service models. I’m not sure why I missed this one, but it’s more or less bang on from my POV. One quick comment … “Calls should return documents not objects”; if the calls returned the serialized state of objects, would that… Read More »

REST for complex integration?

Radovan Janacek writes; However, in large scale scenarios, or in complex integration scenarios (many services, complex processes, evolution, independent participants) I definitely vote for REST-based approach. Awesome. Conventional Web services wisdom has always been – until now – that this kind of scenario is exactly where you need Web services. I look forward to seeing… Read More »