Daily Archives: 2004/03/16

Tim Bray on Sun and Linda

Congratulations to Tim on his new position at Sun. In an interview he gave about the move, he said something interesting that I’d like to comment on. When asked whether he’d looked into peer-to-peer technologies, he said; Only trivially. That has some roots of its thinking in the old Linda [parallel programming coordination language] technology… Read More »

Jim and Savas on services and resources

Jim writes, regarding a diagram by Savas; It shows that managing virtualised resources across organisations isn’t scalable, whereas composition of services is. Why the difference in terms of scalability? In the service-oriented view, services can manage whatever backend resources they have for themselves, therefore the complexity of the application driving the services increases linearly with… Read More »


Ah, that’s better. My poor little P133 Redhat 6.2 box gave up the ghost on Friday, after about 9 years of faithful service. It had been tempermental for a couple of years, but not so much so that I had to consider replacing it. Its original replacement as my desktop machine a few years ago… Read More »