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links for 2006-08-08

LookIt: Local holidays Don’t worry, it’s just as confusing for us Canadians. The upside is that it’s still a day off, even if you don’t know why. (tags: canada holiday) Steve: Developing on the Edge – more than good enough “I am amused, especially as I suspect that some other aspects of the test would… Read More »

links for 2006-08-04

Optimistic Concurrency – A False Panacea “So next time someone waves off scalability issues by sprinkling magic ‘optimistic concurrency’ pixie dust make sure to ask them who is going to write the merge code” (tags: concurrency distributed)

Mashup best practice #2

Following up on my finger-wag at Google for not properly supporting mashup developers by messing up versioning, I have to now send them full props for one thing they’re doing very, very, right. One half of Postel’s Law says “Be liberal in what you accept”, and Google has done exactly that in at least two… Read More »

links for 2006-08-03

Fields Institute – The Fields Medal The Fields medal winner will be announced later this month. P.S. who knew J.C. Fields was a Canadian? Not I. (tags: fieldsmedal jcfields mathematics canada) UC in Discussions to Join Google Library Project “What bothers me about the Google project is that I’ve heard they are scanning two copies… Read More »

Meebo Me

Tech Crunch reports on a cool new service from Meebo, called Meebo Me, which allows people to embed a (flash) app in their pages which permits a one-on-one dialog with the owner of the page via Meebo. Neat-o. I thought I saw something like this a while ago, but whatever… It was a snap to… Read More »

Towards best practices for mashups

I previously pointed to the announcement of the shutdown of a version of the Google Adwords API, and commented that this really isn’t the way to go about versioning your Web 2.0 APIs. I’ve been digging into Google Maps recently, and noticed that they’re making the same mistake; The v=2 part of the URL… Read More »

links for 2006-08-02

Http Caching (not as easy as it first appears) Good post about of some of the practical issues of using caching, conneg, etc.. (tags: rest http caching) Washing the SOAP from Messages “the ‘To’ is sent as the HTTP Request-Uri” Yeah! “and the ‘Action’ is sent out as […] SOAP-Action” Boo! Action should be the… Read More »