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Whither the W3C?

Damn, if the W3C can’t get the browser based Web right, and is home to the core standards that make up WS-Deathstar, it makes one wonder if they’re really the organization best suited to “Lead the Web to its full potential”. IMO, all of the problems mentioned at those links would vanish if only the… Read More »

links for 2006-08-15

Well, I’m Back: What’s Wrong With The SVG Working Group (Via Rob Sayre ) “The way to maximise compatibility in practice is to be compatible with HTML”. Nicely said, and as we’ve learned with microformats, applies to more than just visual languages like SVG. (tags: web svg html microformats)

The unsittable fence

Mark Little explains why he’s a proud fence sitter in the REST vs. WS-* debate; I’ve never believed in the one-size fits all argument; REST has simplicity/manageability to offer in certain circumstances and WS-* works better in others. As far as distributed internet-based computing is concerned, REST is probably closer to Mac OS X and… Read More »

links for 2006-08-12

A book recipe “That should make a good recipe for, what we think, is going to be an interesting and much needed book for a world where the Web is the application/integration platform”. (tags: rest web)

links for 2006-08-11

xfy Community – xfy Basic Edition 1.3 is out! The next generation xfy technology My old client beefs up their compound-document-supporting user agent. (tags: xfy rest webservices compounddocuments cdf) Foiled plot brings new security, delays – Yahoo! News Just in time for my trip to London on Saturday. Joy! (tags: lhr london)

links for 2006-08-10

Ironick: Sam Ruby thinks WOA is excellent “I spend most of my time trying to convince SOA architects that XML formats should be filled primarily with URIs!” (tags: rest soa woa uri) Reuters Rocked: More Adnan Hajj Photoshopping & The Reuters Lebanese Mystery Woman Who’s Always Ready For Her Close-Up Ban photoshop! (tags: israel… Read More »

URIs and HTTP; the epoxy of the Web

Sam Ruby writes; The very notion of a link has become practically inexpressible and virtually unthinkable in the vernacular of SOA. That’s an awesome soundbite, but I don’t think that’s the (whole) problem because SOA/WS does have links, they’re called EPRs. But what SOA doesn’t offer, is a uniform interface for the targets of those… Read More »

links for 2006-08-09

XML-over-IM humour Those smileys have it just about right, I’d say. (tags: xml im funny) Six Apart – Digging up info on Gopher “but in 1992, it was much more common to follow a gopher:// link”. Erm … Funny how linking is so pervasive that history is getting rewritten 8-) (tags: gopher web uri)

SPARQL; useful, but not a game-changer

Not that anyone would ever mistake me for a query language guru, but that’s really part of the problem; I’m not a query language guru, because I’m a Web guru, and to a certain extent those two roles are incompatible. The Web doesn’t do generic query, and it’s a better large scale distributed computing platform… Read More »