Sam Ruby writes;

The very notion of a link has become practically inexpressible and virtually unthinkable in the vernacular of SOA.

That’s an awesome soundbite, but I don’t think that’s the (whole) problem because SOA/WS does have links, they’re called EPRs.

But what SOA doesn’t offer, is a uniform interface for the targets of those links, and a uniform interface is what gives the links most of their value as each one contains sufficient information to initiate a subsequent action (e.g. GET).

There’s a unique symbiotic relationship between links and the uniform interface that makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts; individually they’re useful, but together they changed the world.

An email I received last night.


I am with; we are a highly ranked website with a PR6
Google ranking.

Since we both sites that are ranked for "Smoking Urns" thus I thought that it
would be advantegous for us to link to each others site.

In our experience, these types of highly focused relevant links from the sites
that are focused on content similar to others is extremely valuable in
achieving high ORGANIC natural rankings on search engines such as Google,
Yahoo and MSN.

Please let us know if this is something that you would be intrested in doing,
or if you have any questions please email me your phone number and I will
be happy to call you to discuss this matter.

Here’s the page he’s referring to, I assume. No comment.

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