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A little REST and Reaffirmation

Seems like folks are excited about Roy’s upcoming ApacheCon talk. The title – A little REST and Relaxation – is the same title as the keynote (video) he gave at Jazoon this summer, so I assume it’ll be similar if not the same (hopefully a bit longer, as Roy’s obviously rushed for time in the… Read More »

Simple != easy

Sanjiva uses the wrong word when pointing out distributed systems development is hard. I thought that RESTafarians used to say that WS-* was all too complicated and REST is so easy and beautiful. ;-). No RESTafarian I know ever said REST development (in general) was easy, only that it was simple, where “simple” refers both… Read More »

REST as a long bet?

I have to say, I’m with James in his response to Sam’s long bets; To say, as Sam and Tim both do, that REST is important is like saying the fan in my laptop is “important”. There’s really nothing to discuss about it. RESTful services are fundamentally critical to the continued evolution of the Web.… Read More »

Some RESTful misconceptions

Eric Roch comments on a post from Anne Manes from a couple of months ago, and seems to be under some misconceptions about REST. Misconception: “Stateless” means no persistent data To be RESTful state must be transferred from the server with each interaction. This can be problematic for many applications – can you trust the… Read More »

What next?

Elias has noticed that my blog has fallen silent recently, and suggests that REST’s victory over WS-* has something to do with it. He’s right. I haven’t had much contract work the past few weeks, but have been helping a couple of startups. But the main reason I don’t blog is that my curmudgeonly style… Read More »

Crud, more CRUD crud

I’ve said it before, but apparently not enough as David Chappel chimes in with this; A RESTful approach is a natural for data-oriented applications that focus on create/read/update/delete scenarios. He’ll get no argument from me that REST is good for data-oriented applications, but saying that it’s only good for the subset that fit the CRUD… Read More »

Nouns, verbs, oh my!

It’s nice to see Pat Helland join the REST/SOA conversation. His first post is in a rather quisical, loose style that I hadn’t seen before, but that’s ok, I think I get what he’s talking about. The point seems to be summed up here; Is the purchase-order (or even the line-item) a noun or a… Read More »

REST, WADL, forest, trees

I’m kinda busy with a bunch of things on my plate, but felt I had to chime in on the latest calls for a RESTful description language ala WADL. Aristotle’s response struck a chord; […] there isn’t much to describe; there aren’t any methods or signatures thereof to document, since access to resources is uniform… Read More »