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New voices

I’m absolutely thrilled that Tim has finally grokked REST. AFAIK, he’s the first die-hard Web services type with a strong public persona to realize REST’s (and the Web’s, of course) benefits over WS/SOA/RPC. Bravo, Tim! I’ve long thought that what was needed in this discussion was new perspectives on the relationship between REST and WS/RPC/etc…… Read More »

Microsoft gig

I’ve spent some time over the past couple of months helping Microsoft with RESTful issues for two (soon to be three, I hope) different groups there. One of those is the WCF team, and Omri has just reported on some of it. I’m not sure how much of my input (if any) made it into… Read More »

Seven years of WS-Bashing

I’ll be well out of range of an IP packet next week when it happens, but next Tuesday marks the seventh anniversary of my first public anti-WS post, to Develop Mentor’s old “soap-discuss” mailing list. I didn’t realize it until now, but James Snell gets the dubious honour of being the target of that post.… Read More »

GET/POST described

Don’s latest on GET is interesting (especially “That’s certainly where I’m investing”!), but I really liked this bit of Tim Ewald‘s comment; The solution is a minimal footprint interaction, like a coarse-grained document transfer via a pin-hole, a la’ a Biztalk port. Exposing all your data via GET so anyone can read anything they want… Read More »

REST books galore!

Well, maybe not “galore”, but it looks like Leonard and Sam may have some competition on their hands; this one’s Java-specific though. I wonder what ever happened to Kendall’s?

links for 2007-03-01

Integrate This»Blog Archive » W3C Workship slides online My slides from the workshop. Thanks to plh for the PDF conversion. (tags: w3c wsec rest webservices soa restvsoa restvsoap)

links for 2007-02-28

IVOA Note – UWS recast as a REST protocol Nice description of how to put stuff on the Web that was previously hidden behind SOAP. (tags: rest soap webservices http uri) Engine of State : On Gee, I hope I’m not switching Danny’s lights on and off via GET 8-) (tags: rest http web state)… Read More »

links for 2007-02-26

Bill de hÓra: Confederacy “[…]the Web is not just the presentation tier anymore; it’s becoming a data integration and machine-oriented publishing layer” (tags: web rest webservices)