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SOAP regrets

I was checking out the latest Atom Publishing Protocol draft today. It’s come a long way, and it’s surprisingly brief – thank goodness for that. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of regret though; SOAP could have been Atom.

links for 2006-07-13

AdWords API Blog: Version 3 Shutdown Today “Please take note… per our announcement on May 12, we will shutdown Version 3 of the API today. Please make sure you have migrated your applications to Version 4 in order to ensure uninterrupted service” – this, from the world’s most successful Web company. Obviously somebody missed a… Read More »

Smoking URNs

An email I received last night. Hello, I am with; we are a highly ranked website with a PR6 Google ranking. Since we both sites that are ranked for “Smoking Urns” thus I thought that it would be advantegous for us to link to each others site. In our experience, these types of highly… Read More »

links for 2006-07-10

Simon Fell – Its just code – Reach “If you’re going to expose your service through multiple protocols then I really think that should it should be done in such as way as to take full advantage of the features of each protocol.” (tags: rest webservices protocol)

links for 2006-07-08

Stu says stuff: I’ve been RESTified “I think I’ll come out of the closet as an admitted RESTafarian / Web Stylista” Welcome to the fold, Stu! One dist-obj mailing list alumnus converted, (at least) one more to go. 8-) (tags: rest)


After 4 years on Blosxom (thanks Rael!), I decided I needed something a little more user friendly, so I switched to WordPress tonight. I had a few issues, most of which were resolved without much effort, but a couple weird ones required workarounds rather than clean fixes. If you have any problems, please let me… Read More »